Oh, the Humanity: Heathers Updating May Live Yet -- On TV


· Sure, we've already dashed your Heathers sequel hopes. But would you take an updating from Fox and Sony TV as a consolation? All of the principal characters from the original are expected to return for the series, with Mark Rizzo picking up the writing duties with Sex and the City's Jenny Bicks. Assuming her unsettling new appearance is reversible, Winona Ryder could be great as the touchy-feely teacher-monster Pauline Fleming. Just saying. [Variety]

Hayden Christensen does a Vanishing act, Blake Lively goes to Town, and much more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Hayden Christensen will join Thandie Newton and John Leguizamo in Vanishing on Seventh Street, about "a once-thriving city where shadowy forms cause residents to inexplicably disappear." Ah-hah -- so that was what Christensen's weird floating-cologne ad was all about. [Variety]

· Blake Lively will play the troubled ex-girlfriend of Ben Affleck's career criminal in The Town, which Affleck is directing and which also features Rebecca Hall as the thief's current crush. Chris Cooper is in negotiations to play Affleck's father. [THR]


· Mad Men's Christina Hendricks has signed on as the requisite best-friend character in the Katherine Heigl / Josh Duhamel tragicomedy Life as We Know It -- in other words, exactly what Joan Holloway would hiss about as a lateral move in the secretary pool before sashaying away to a commercial break. [Variety]

· Martin Freeman and Mandy Moore will star as a married couple in the indie comedy Swinging With the Finkels. As usual with these kinds of thing, the plot is Being Kept Under Wraps™, but! If the title doesn't give it away, perhaps the name of the short film on which it's based -- Sex With the Finkels -- and the casting of Jonathan Silverman and Melissa George as another married couple will illuminate some of what's going on here. [THR]

· Be the first geek on your block to buy Avatar tickets; they went on sale Wednesday, nearly four months ahead of the film's Dec. 18 release. [THR]