Criss Angel Leads Mass Home-Viewer Levitation, is 100% Successful


Criss Angel, the A&E Network's #1-ranked magician, tried something different during last night's installment of The Five Lives of Criss Angel. He attempted to levitate the home audience using tricks like hypnosis, vocal overdubs, and split-screen edits. Ambitious, yes, but so are his custom handcuff-themed belt buckles. Not spooked yet, Criss! But by the looks of his comment page, where he asked viewers to text in their results, he was a unanimous success, levitating everyone at home and barely putting them down. I mean, just look at this wholly affirmative feedback!

It's like somebody screened these, I tell you!

CRISS i truly believe and i found that my arms moved upward of their own accord, but i stayed in place on the floor. Love you criss! To dream, or not to dream.

Criss i could feel myself rise off the ground and my feet just hanging there so thank you Criss.And you are a mindfreak you freaked my mind.Love ya.

Criss my feet were really heavy but my arms rose till it was like a t it was all tingly and stuff it was cool i was really spacey that night but it wass kool

Criss i levitated gt worked

And my absolute favorite:

Criss I felt weightless and i still do...never forget ur past,save ur energy,dont get lost in the dark... Craig Linke/Craig Monster

Craig Monster, I think it's time you find your weight and come back to Earth. The show is arguably over. I feel safer following your advice when you inhabit the troposphere. The people in the clip below are experiencing nirvana within their own homes. Why can't you? T'any rate, never forget your past.


  • metroville says:

    I tried this. All I experienced was frosted tips and a lifetime's supply of feminine hygiene products.

  • stolidog says:

    looks like maybe their guts levitated a little...

  • snickers says:

    Criss, I'm still spread-eagled on my lounge room ceiling. Someone changed the channel while I was up there. How do I get down?

  • Furious D says:

    I think something went wrong, because I was watching the show, then there was a flash of light, and I was in Narnia.
    And let me tell you something, Narnia is not as much fun as in the movies.

  • S. Smith says:

    Don't people understand the power of suggestion? Yeah, sure, you levitated. Right into a brain freeze!

  • Keiko says:

    Oh, shut up. They're normal girls.

  • Old No.7 says:

    This asshole missed his true calling as a televangelist.

  • stolidog says:

    um....they think they're levitating.

  • ashley says:

    I feel bad for those of you who participated in Criss Angel's deception. What he does isn't fake by any means. It's more real than the light in the sky. Sad to say, Criss Angel sold his soul a long time ago to receive his demonic powers. All of you were deceived into participating and in doing so, you guys have ignorantly opened yourselves up to the demonic through his hypnosis, the transference of spirits, and the third eye (the demonic spiritual eye that resides in the center of the forehead). What you felt (the tingling and etc.), everything was very real...however, it was all aided by demonic spirits. I'm sure you guys may have also experience head aches or pain in the center of the forehead. These demonic doors that were opened in your lives have to be closed.

  • Brian says:

    You're a freak. God and demons dont exist. Find a donor to give you his brain.

  • Suave Reg says:

    Criss is a mind freak and made us all levitate. I am coming home and see my gf levitating on criss's dick. One thing I will give him is he is ladies man and will steal your wife or gf if you are not careful lets just admit it his money is more than you, his looks are way hotter and his cock is huge = bye bye wife or gf levitating on criss angel dick up down up down ahhhh.

  • Brandon says:

    Oh, demons do exist. However, I don't think that they played a big role in Criss's "levitation hypnosis". I feel sad to say that it was most likely progressive muscle relaxation techniques that give the illusion of a strange experience to those who haven't experienced it before.

  • Tiffany says:

    You're right. The demonic spirits are telling me to find and kill you when I get down from the ceiling.

  • Vincent says:

    I do believe! ! I went all the way up. It was amazing! Really the best feeling ever... i can feel something inside me. Its telling it wasn't out...

  • ileana says:

    Vincent? How do you feel right now?

  • thingshappenforareason says:

    I am normally a skeptic, so the first time I watched it nothing happened, however i decided to give it an honest try and replayed it and i started to get a weird feeling in my stomach but i started swaying, so i tried it again and it got stronger, so i replayed it a 3rd time and actually came off the ground however i came down hard and hit the glass coffee table so i decided that was enough for me.

  • Ben says:

    You my brainless moron of a friend need to learn about the magic of editing before you believe that invisible ghosts exist.