I Don't Want to Live in America: Russell Brand's West Side Story VMAs Promo


In Russell Brand's "My Booky Wook," the English comedian vividly recalls how he spent his heroin-fueled days engaging in acts of defiance for money and occasionally his own entertainment. He compromised any strands of self-respect that survived a good dosing to bathe with a homeless man, steal from girlfriends, videotape a gay sex act in a bar bathroom and have serial unprotected sex with escorts. Somehow though, this moralistic sell-out seems much more mild when you see Brand's recent MTV VMA promos.

MTV called upon Russell Brand to repeat his VMA host performance this year. We assume that means more controversial jokes about the Jonas Brothers' purity rings, Britney Spears and "retarded cowboy fella" politicians. In favor of the subtly clever promos last year, MTV decided to go big! West Side Story big! Watch below as Russell is forced to dance in an alleyway while half-singing lyrics like "Tonight, tonight, the VMAs tonight, and I'm in charge of who gets awaaaahrds!" in a number with Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Cobra Starship.


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