Of Queers, Junkies and Lunch: The William S. Burroughs: A Man Within Teaser


Literary revolutionary, beat icon, heroin addict, wife-shooter, gun-lover, homosexual: I think it's safe to say that without William S. Burroughs, there would be no Jonas Brothers. Now a trailer has surfaced for William S. Burroughs: A Man Within, the "first and only posthumous documentary" on the writer from Chicago-based BulletProof Film.

Director Yony Leyser has amassed the definitive collection of Burroughs-savvy talking heads: Among the raconteurs are Naked Lunch: The Movie collaborators David Cronenberg and Peter Weller, the Pope of Outsider Tastelessness John Waters, Laurie Anderson, even the great Iggy Pop, who pays fitting tribute to the subject by speaking entirely in alien tongues. It doesn't appear to yet have yet found a distributor, but we hope it does, if only for small moments like the one in which Burroughs' much-younger boyfriend wags an outstretched index finger towards the camera as he recalls, "When we slept together in bed, was there a loaded gun in a holster in the bed with us? Why yes, there was a loaded gun in a holster in the bed with us."

Verdict: Exterminate all rational thought.