MTV's Super Psycho Sweet 16 Horror Movie Gives Spoiled Birthday Girls the Chainsawing They Deserve


There is no better forum for rich, narcissistic adolescents flouting their parents' wealth and poor judgment than MTV's Super Sweet 16. Miraculously, the series has survived four years without any discernible irony or an ounce of lavish celebration-guilt suffered by its teen subjects. Finally though, one (fictional) sweet 16er will have to deal with the gruesome consequences of her six-figure fête in MTV's upcoming original movie, My Super Psycho Sweet 16.

MTV President of Programming Tony DiSanto announced the film this morning, along with the network's plans for a movie based on their series Made, both set for 2010 premieres. My Super Psycho Sweet 16 will star Juliana Guill (Friday The 13th) and have a theatrical release before airing on the network. MTV's synopsis of My Super Psycho Sweet 16 is:

Madison Penrose gets everything she wants, including her wish to re-open the desolate Rollerdome for her Sweet 16 party. The site of several grisly murders a decade earlier, things become 'psycho' when the killer returns to crash her party.

While it seems fair that Madison's party venue be haunted, these 16ers deserve more torture leading up to the whole Rollerdome murder threat. Maybe, en route to Paris to handpick one of three gowns for her party, lightening strikes Madison's personal jet, forcing the pilot to crash land in rural France. Hundreds of miles away from civilization, an iPhone charger or four star restaurants, Madison is forced to survive on field berries and sunlight until she realizes that sweet sixteen birthday parties are over-rated, or at least 'three dresses for a party is overkill.'

Further tragedies should befall Madison as she practices her choreography (with celebrity choreographer Wade Robson), forces every student in her school to humiliatingly audition for an invitation and ab-tests potential shirtless waiters. Madison will represent every annoyingly shrill, entitled 16er in MTV history, and they certainly have it coming.


  • Kyle Buchanan says:

    This shouldn't be scripted.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    I'll never forget the episode where the Sweet Sixteen Girl dreamed of dancing in-front of her peers and was shocked when her butt crack made a surprise appearance during the performance.

  • stolidog says:

    This is probably the direction MTV should be taking this show. Every episode can feature a sweet sixteen girl who plans her perfect birthday but also has to contend with something sinister, like a murderer, disco fire, or the plague. If she pulls off the party AND survives the surprise horror, she gets a new BMW. If not, well, there are other sweet sixteen girls.

  • Kittenhead says:

    Will Satan get his Ferrari cake?

  • Funnyman says:

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  • misty smith says:

    i have the movie and is not like any other horror movie it sucks literally