5 Ways to Tell If a British Tabloid Casting Rumor is Fake

1. The rumor in question is about an actor cast in the next Batman film, when even presumptive director Christopher Nolan (currently shooting the Leonardo DiCaprio starrer Inception) has not signed on yet, nor struck a deal to write the script.

2. The article attributes quotes like these to a U.S. movie star: "I'm so chuffed to begin work! I know my mum is bloody excited." No one born in the States talks this way (admittedly, exceptions can be made for Gwyneth Paltrow or Johnny Depp).

3. It states as fact that Robin Williams will be playing Susan Boyle in a movie, rather than playing her during an unannounced drop-in at the Improv using jokes he "overheard" someone do at UCB.

4. It uses as its thesis that U.S. television shows like Lost, House, and Ugly Betty are excitedly clamoring to find room for a busty, D-list British "glamour model" whose stateside fame extends to maybe being featured on Coco Perez once.

5. It's from a British tabloid. It's fake.