Guess the Size of 90210's New 'Chubby' Character, Lila


The pin-ups who populate 90210 range from the dirty blonde (AnnaLynne McCord) to clean blonde (Jennie Garth). There are brunettes too, I understand, so that rabbit-eared TVs don't tweak out. But diversity is a rare guest-star on 90210, which might explain why this casting alert for a new character named "Lila" reads something like a middle-school note doodled in gel pen.

It appears 90210 needs that rare actress who can buy off-the-rack at H&M. Behold this new casting notice:

Lila: A student at West Beverly who is both stylish and sarcastic, Lila is "chubby" and "heavier than our girls on the show." Recurring potential.

Recurring! Yes! Right! Bulimia, they mean.

We're guessing Lila is a size "6" (which, as we know, is the new "14") and not the show's top candidate for love interest. Mind you, she'll have a number of one-liners and a wealth of advice to dish to her best friends, all of whom need her in the eleventh hour. What am I saying? I'm being far too generous. This girl's a Starbucks clerk who'll "recur" whenever Lori Loughlin needs me-time.

Armchair Casting Director: '90210' [EW]


  • Sarah says:

    "Lila", this new "chubby" 90210 character - while it is refreshing to see an average sized person on a show like this to counter-balance the unrealistic sizing of the rest of the female cast, let's be honest with ourselves. She is not a size 6, nor is she anywhere near a size 6. And we don't have to focus on what size she is at all in order to appreciate her role in the show. But if we're going to talk about her size at all, let us get used to admitting that women on TV are truly average sized - "Lila" is more like a size 12 - perhaps larger. And that is okay. It always gets to me when women on TV attempt to represent a healthier body image that falls in line with what women look like in the real world, but then can't just be okay with admitting that they are the size they truly are. Not that this article is written by this actress, but to the real author, let's not make "Lila" feel bad about herself by saying she's a size 6 because anyone with eyes can see that she is clearly not. She is a very beautiful girl whether she's a size 12 or 112. It makes no difference to most people so long as her role in the show is relevant and believable.

  • gwen says:

    I'm a size 12 and I can't stand Lila for some odd reason. And it's NOT her acting I don't like it's her look. I'm not digging the chubby girl.

  • Spring says:

    lol Sarah this article was written before Lila was even cast - the author was suggesting that theyd probably hire a size 6 girl and call her chubby. Obviously, they didn't.
    Read much?

  • Wtf says:

    Oh my god this is sickening. Stop and think about what you're saying before you judge someone you don't know. You are disgusting. I hope you realize it before it's too late.