Buzz Break: Adventures in Mishandled Star Billing


· Either the marketing masterminds behind The Informers' DVD cover refused to pay heed to the order of its above-the-title credits, or Winona Ryder really needs to stop going to Mickey Rourke's plastic surgeon.

· That viral ad design of snakes on a cane that you never saw and weren't buzzing about? It was for House.

· Add this, awkwardly, to Ted Kennedy's legacy: He gave us the plot to Blow Out!

· Pivotal questions have been asked: What if your favorite Lost characters were superheroes? And what can Britney Spears teach us about Alzheimers?

· Play me off, Papercraft Keyboard Cat.


  • Hernando Bansuelo says:

    I noticed this. Probably, Jon Foster's people just wanted it to go away...

  • Furious D says:

    1. Winona has really let herself go. Plus she needs a lip waxing. Mickey Rourke on the other hand looks a lot younger, and decidedly more feminine.
    2. Item #1 on things I won't care about today.
    3. I thought DePalma ripped it off as an audio version of Antonioni's Blow Up? So it was Ted who did it! Or maybe I should bother to read the article...
    4. Item #2 on the things I won't care about today, and the lesson is that Alzheimers can affect young pop starlets at an early age.
    5. Keyboard cat's video qualifies for a Best Picture Oscar nomination under the expanded rules.

  • Dimo says:

    I just walked out into my living room, and the DVD case was sitting on the coffee table. I don't know why my roommate rented it, but after a quick glance, that isn't even Winona Ryder's picture, it's Amber Heard's.

  • Ernie says:

    When I saw the DvD cover I was sort of stunned as well. No Winona??? But she apparently hated the movie because of all of the horrible editing, she refused to do press for it or even show up to the premiere. Maybe they were trying to pay her back. Oh well, can you blame her? Winona Ryder the most underrated actress of her generation!