Tony Hale on Arrested Development: The Script, The Hook and Liza Minnelli

Even though Michael Cera finally signed onto the Arrested Development film, Alia Shawkat confirmed that Mitch Hurwitz is slaving over the script and we've heard rumblings that production is set to begin in December, we are still only guardedly optimistic about George Michael reaching the big screen. After all, Hurwitz doesn't have the best of luck and our nerves simply can't handle another small to big screen disappointment (Gilmore Girls, anyone?). Maybe today's Development news from Tony Hale will strengthen our faith in a second coming of the Bluth family.

In an interview with New York Magazine about his new web series CTRL, Tony Hale answered questions about the stalled progress of the mythic Arrested Development film, Buster Bluth's appendage and his experience working with Liza Minnelli.

On the status of the script and the shooting schedule:

"I talked to Mitch [Hurwitz] about a week and a half ago, and he's in the middle of writing it. Everybody's on board and I think right now it's just a matter of getting everybody's schedule on the same page. And then just finishing the script."

On the surprise of Buster losing his hand:

"You know, that's what's exciting about that show. Every single week you would get the script and you'd be like, 'Oh, your hand's coming off and it's gonna be eaten by a seal,' or 'Oh, Liza Minelli's [sic] gonna be your love interest.' Everything was such a surprise that there really wasn't a lot time for preparation. You were just kind of thrown in, like, 'Here's your hook, and sometimes you might have a mannequin hand."

On Liza Minnelli:

"She is such a gracious person. One time she took my wife and me out to lunch and told us stories about her life and her mom, who she adored. We got to see her in concert when she came out to L.A. once and she was just amazing."

We can't help but interpret Hale's passive reflections about the show as a symptom of his own skepticism that an Arrested Developement movie could ever get made. In the wise words of Maeby's Alia Shawkat, "You never know until you're actually on the set, you know what I mean?"