Movieline Premieres Three Images From Jane Campion's Bright Star

After a well-received launch at Cannes, Jane Campion's Bright Star is hoping to woo an unconventional audience of art house filmgoers and swoon-prone teenage girls when it when it arrives in theaters next month. Movieline is pleased to premiere three exclusive images from the film, which stars Ben Whishaw (above) and Abbie Cornish.


Campion's romantic drama details the 1818 affair between poet John Keats (Whishaw) and the fashionable Fanny Brawne (Cornish). As seen in the above still, the two fell in love while living in adjoining houses, and though their friends and family fretted over the intensity of the relationship, they were together even when a wall was put between them.

Eventually, external forces like Keats's illness and his jealous, possessive partner Charles Armitage Brown (played with delicious brio by Parks and Recreation's Paul Schneider) schemed to keep the two apart, but the intense bond between Keats and Brawne was immortalized in his poetry and now, Campion's film.

Bright Star arrives in U.S. theaters September 18.


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