Letterman Coaxes Quiet Laugh From Anna Wintour

Vogue editor Anna Wintour debuted her talk show personality last night on The Late Show With David Letterman. After shuffling onstage in her trademark sunglasses to Paul Shaffer's jazzy rendition of Dance to the Music, Wintour whipped off the shades, planted herself next to Dave and then...sat stiffly through a pleasantly restrained back and forth with the Late Show host.

In between talk of The September Issue and her icy reputation, Wintour awkwardly lobbed a few lighthearted barbs at Letterman (regarding his socks, something about Brooks Brothers, and Dave taking Fridays off) before plugging Fashion's Night Out. When Letterman asked what recession-pressed people should consider as they slash their fashion budgets, Wintour suggested that they purchase lipstick. The devil herself even quiet-laughed when Letterman asked if she had ever put anyone in a headlock. All this while maintaining perfect posture and that immaculate bob that a dozen assistants had to warm-breathe into place.


  • hellcat says:

    As a yoga teacher that is not good posture. But I guess by American standards it is. It is perfect model posture however.