Keeping Up with the Lesser Kardashians in Miami


E! hit ratings gold last week with its premiere of Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami following Kourtney's conveniently timed pregnancy announcement. Sure, the grotesque amount of tabloid coverage will keep Robert Kardashian's oldest and youngest daughters afloat in the Magic City for the first trimester, but after that, Khloe might want to consider drumming up her own illegitimate pregnancy scandal.

Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami [10 PM, E!]

Kourtney and Khloe move to Miami to open up their second D-A-S-H store. If you missed the first episodes on the previous two Sundays, tune in tonight to see the girls experiment with interracial hookups, drugs, radio and bisexuality.

Warehouse 13 [9 PM, Syfy]

Pete (Eddie McClintock) and Myka (Joanne Kelly) travel to Sin City to pick up an artifact that a couple of gamblers are using. Unfortunately, Myka becomes trapped in the mirror of a famous author. Erica Cerra and Niall Matter co-star.

I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant [9 PM, Discovery Health]

These episodes are usually all the same: ridiculous reenactments and careful narration explaining how a woman didn't think twice when she missed her period and then wound up in labor in a public restroom nine months later. Tonight's episode spices up the formula when the subject is a hard-partying 118-pound (when pregnant!) Irish rock singer who unexpectedly feels contractions while on tour.

Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien [11:35 PM, NBC]

Guests: Quentin Tarantino, Mark Feuerstein, Smokey Robinson. Quentin Tarantino winds down his promotional press tour for Inglourious Basterds with Conan. We've already heard the stories of on-set naps, the Tarantino-themed bar and the surprising praise for Woody Allen's Jason Biggs film, so hopefully Tarantino saved one fresh anecdote for NBC's 'King of Late Night.'


Legally Blonde [9 PM, ABC Family]

There is an entire subset of Americans that would argue that Reese Witherspoon's performance as Elle Woods is significantly more impressive than her Academy Award-winning portrayal of June Carter Cash. And in spite of the Legally Blonde sequel, play and made-for-TV movie, the original film remains the only Blonde worth watching.