Jessica Biel Officially Named Your Computer's Least-Favorite Celebrity


In the latest mishap to befall Jessica Biel's slow climb to Serious Actress, the software security providers at McAfee have placed her first among the most dangerous celebrities on the Internet. Not that she's hacking your Facebook account or reading your e-mail (at least not that anyone can prove), but rather unwittingly lending her name to some of the Web's most malicious computer wonks.

Biel is the new favorite of purveyors of viruses, adware and other computer junk, replacing last year's No. 1 Brad Pitt, who plunged to the 10th spot in this year's rankings according to McAfee. Of course, the antivirus retailer obviously has its own interests in choosing 15 A-list security risks including Beyoncé, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Brady and... Jessica Simpson? ("Searching for 'Jessica Simpson videos' can mislead unsuspecting surfers to sites with potentially damaging downloads.") Still, it could have applied a little more discretion in tarring Biel, who despite her recent star turn in Guys & Dolls is proving to be one of Hollywood's hard-luck princesses; if a simple search of "Jessica Biel nailed" turns up 80 kinds of spyware when all you really wanted to know was when you'd see her doomed David O. Russell project, then that's when you know a new career direction might be in order.

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