Is There Anything Worse Than a 10-Minute Gossip Girl Gag Reel?


There is a circle of hell in which a Biblical giant throws sinners into a fiery pit, sacrifices them to a six-winged beast and then straps their charred remains down to await Satan Himself, who arrives carrying the latest Gossip Girl bonus features DVD. He silently inserts the disc into a Craigslist-purchased TV/DVD combo player and walks out as the said sinner is subjected to an eternity of Leighton Meester breaking into baby voices each time she flubs a line. Fortunately for the forever-damned, Gossip Girl recently released ten minutes of season two bloopers, providing fresh Blake Lively giggles, cellphone ring-interrupted shots and Pilates-related Freudian slips to echo against the caves of hell until the end of time.

Gag reels are arguably the most obnoxious of DVD bonus features, an assembly of mistakes made by forgetful cast members as they waste production money and time recovering from the hilarious way an actor accidentally looked into the camera, spit up coffee or tripped during a solemn Death Row scene. I'm all for the off-script Bill Murray jokes caught by a second cameraman or even Ed Westwick squeamishly reacting to a future homosexual kiss, but really, do we need evidence that Taylor Momsen can't find her mark and Blake Lively can do a cutesy pterodactyl impression?