Elizabeth Banks Spending Next Three Days With Russell Crowe


· Elizabeth Banks is winding down talks to appear opposite Russell Crowe in The Next Three Days, writer-director Paul Haggis's adaptation of the French film Pour Elle. As noted here previously, Crowe plays a man who goes to extremes to bounce his wrongly accused (maybe?) wife from jail, and why not? Someone's got to stay home and watch the kids if he can't take them with him to the pub. [Variety]

Hancock 2 moves closer to flight, Justin Theroux gets kidnappy, and much more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Sony has commissioned Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara to write Hancock 2, to which both Will Smith and director Peter Berg will return and assist with story development. Reports cite an all-too-common "logline being kept under wraps," but odds are good the title character will be in New York, where he ended the previous film, and that Smith will red-line the inside gags where his immortality is mysteriously challenged by his poisonous pet jellyfish. [THR]

· Justin Theroux will play the villain in Your Highness, David Gordon Green's fantasy-comedy about a lazy prince (Danny McBride) who must rescue a kidnapped princess (Zooey Deschanel) held captive by Theroux's evil wizard. Which, if he's any wizard at all, he should have seen coming; everybody knows Theroux isn't Deschanel's type. [THR]


· The acclaimed blaxploitation spoof/tribute Black Dynamite has officially found an American distributor in Apparition, the new company that no doubt could use the energetic boost for its heavy, pasty, awards-hunting line-up to date. [Variety]

· Are you a fan of the celebrated sex-and-relationship advice column Savage Love, but just too busy/preoccupied to bother, well, reading it? HBO might have just the pilot for you, bringing columnist Dan Savage this week to test for a possible small-screen adaptation. [THR]

· Don Cheadle will executive produce March to Madness, a new FX series about a corrupt college basketball program that cheats, scandalizes and manipulates its way to the sport's elite. Expect a cease-and-desist from the NCAA in 3... 2... 1... [Variety]