An Exclusive Glimpse Of Lovely Bones's Heaven

MTV has this exclusive image of Peter Jackson's version of Heaven from the upcoming The Lovely Bones. Here's what we've gathered after staring at it for some time:

1. It's cold in Heaven. Wear a jacket.

2. Heaven's moon is also a clock! But the clock has no arms. So it's just a moon with Roman numerals on it, making it more decorative than functional, suggesting time is of no consequence in the Hereafter, but good taste never goes out of style.

3. That guy on the floating gazebo in the hat? Keep away from him. He's up to no good.

4. Potential is there for great night skiing.

5. District 9 was awesome!!!

· 'The Lovely Bones' Brings A Weird EXCLUSIVE Image Of Heaven [MTV Movies Blog]


  • VoV says:

    1. True, but this all connects to number 4.
    2. Well, God would never use digital.
    3. Doesn't this remind you of the cave in Harry Potter when they go to get the Horcrux? Is that where Dumbledore chose to take up residence in Heaven?
    4. That's why it's cold and you need the parka.
    5. True, but when do we get to see the Prawns come back to earth and destroy all the humans!?

  • Rajan.VS says:

    In the Heaven there is no Day or Night, it is in the intermediate stage.
    You feel the season of Spring, With Singing birds, and blooming buds,
    no summer or winter and in place of rain the dew drips for the green.
    There is no difference between rich and Poor,There will be no Leaders or
    Politicians, controlling any one. There will be only one Supreme Leader
    The God,Encircled with Colorful Rainbows spreading 9 colors not 7. And you will not having any feeling of Evil nor greed.No difference in sex and no shapes to your body, only soul will exist with feeling and obligations to the Supreme God. No TV for you to enjoy, but you can
    watch the human Jokers running here and there for making great themselves in the Earth. Then you can see the foolish discussions and imaginations
    about the heaven, which makes you laugh, because you are in the heaven.
    along with your God as Guardian. When You laugh loud, You can see the
    God smiling at you, and walks few steps, and vanish away with the Nine colors and there will be only Seven when he is not there. This will be time, and this will be the clock hand to know the time, is there is God or Not. If you want more information on the imagination of Heaven I will give you. write to me.

  • j says:

    you are totally misguided in this issue.

  • Pamela Strangeways says:

    This reminds me of that horrible movie with Robin Williams (I know, which one?) where his wife commits suicide and then he is slogging through a bunch of Thomas Kinkade paintings. Art direction can be an aesthetically lethal commodity.

  • Donovan says:

    Comparisons between "What Dreams May Come" and "this" - director Vincent Ward and director Peter Jackson are both from New Zealand. Maybe that's a factor. Some Kiwi obsession with the Netherworld.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    "Slogging through a bunch of Thomas Kinkade paintings" would be my definition of Hell. Especially if it was to the music of Bjork which was playing on a loop for eternity.