Your First Look at Steven Seagal: Lawman


You may have wondered, "Why?" when you heard about A&E's upcoming Steven Seagal: Lawman reality series. We did too. Why would a network want to only feature Seagal's work as a deputy while excluding so many areas of the solemn movie hero's life? The man is also an action movie star, a recording artist, an animal rights activist and a healer. After seeing the following action-packed trailer for Steven Seagal: Lawman though, so full of car chases, tasers, slick hair and even a foot through the windshield, we understood that there simply wasn't a second to spare on Seagal's humanitarian work.

The fast-paced trailer could very well be the preview for Seagal's next movie, as the narrator explains that "It all began twenty years ago, when Seagal, a world renowned seventh-degree Aikido expert, was shooting a movie in Jefferson Parish" and after the mayor asked Seagal to teach his men a little thing about weapon skills and self defense, he was soon deputized. Seagal himself affirms that, "The show is real, this is not a joke." Even without Chuck Norris or Jean-Claude Van Damme, this series promises to be an insta-cult classic in December. No scripts, no stunt doubles, no second chances!


  • snickers says:

    "Here's my badge! This is your trophy. This is your trophy, OK! Come and get it!
    I'll be disappointed if there aren't any snapped arms or legs in this show.
    Here's a sneak peek at what we can expect from the show:

  • Timmy Criminal says:

    No scripts? No second chances? Sounds like an insta-cult stink bomb. "teach his men a little thing about weapon skills and self defense"? Wonder what that "little thing" is? Maybe like "how to drop your weapon and run" when they see Timmy Criminal approaching. I would make monkey mud out of Stevie Seagull. One day Timmy will rule Hollywood and Afghanistan. Ha!