The One-Page Screenplay: Megan Holley's Squashing Ticks


Welcome back to Movieline's One-Page Screenplay project, the screenwriting revolution that's single-handedly obliterating the brass-fastener industry. Coming soon: One-Page Screenplay for Kindle! And One-Tweet Screenplay! And Facebook Screenplay Updates!

Today's guest screenwriter is Megan Holley, who wrote Sunshine Cleaning, the indie comedy about sisters (Amy Adams and Emily Blunt) who get into the crime scene cleanup business. If you still haven't caught the quirky gem, it comes out DVD and Blu-Ray tomorrow. Today, Megan brings us Squashing Ticks. It's after the jump.

The Official Bio:

Based in Richmond, Virginia, Megan Holley was named one of Variety's 10

Screenwriter's to watch in 2005. Her screenplay, Sunshine Cleaning,

was a 2003 winner of the Virginia Governor's Screenwriting competition

and was later made into a film starring Amy Adams, Emily Blunt and Alan

Arkin. Sunshine Cleaning screened at the Sundance Film Festival in

2008 and made its theatrical release in 2009. Megan has several other

feature film projects in development and is currently writing a

television pilot for Showtime.

The One-Page Screenplay:


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