EXCLUSIVE: The Under-Wraps Plot for Gus Van Sant's New Project, Restless

When it was announced today that Gus Van Sant's next project would be Restless, a "contemporary and distinctive take on young love" from first-time screenwriter Jason Lew, the film's logline was mysteriously kept secret. Luckily, Movieline got its hands on the script and while we won't spoil anything major (not that it's a particularly twisty affair), we can at least tell you as much as you'll learn when they make a trailer for it.

So what's this thing like? Essentially, Restless is the most emo love story to ever don black lipstick and listen to The Smiths. Protagonist Enoch Brae is a 17-year-old funeral crasher, drawn to attending strangers' memorials after losing both his parents. At one of them, he meets the beautiful, tomboyish Annabel Cotton, a 16-year-old with Six Months to Live. Love then blooms among the gravestones as "the moon looks on knowingly and sympathetically," writes Lew.

Here are three relevant character descriptions:


Attention, casting directors: Please be on the lookout for actors who have "toughness," but also, at the same time, something that is not toughness.

Production will begin soon on Restless, which is budgeted at $15 million.


  • FrancoisTrueFaux says:

    I don't know about the "air of practiced sophistication", but I've got your toughness right here.

  • the kid says:

    A true testament to the creative insight offered by the hard working execs at Imagine who nurtured the script along the way. Great job over there guys!

  • Girl86 says:

    So, they finally decided to remake "Harold and Maude," but made it more palatable by replacing the creepy old lady with a nubile teen so that it'll rake in dough from the teenybopper set. I thought that Hollywood was off its rocker when it was talking about remaking "The Neverending Story" (which thankfully I haven't heard much about lately, so that must mean the project's dead in the water, right?), but this is downright shameful.

  • Feet of Courier says:

    Put on your acting pants Bobby D! I smell the juicy role of curmudgeon funeral home director "FRANZ MUERTA (58). Buried beneath his wrinkled visage are secrets that make a man a man. And toughness. Lots of toughness."

  • martynear says:

    Whatever it takes to let GVS hang out with scored of nubile young men!

  • Brad N says:

    Obviously this is GVS's Zac Efron vehicle.

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