Anna Wintour Sweeps the Ed Sullivan Theater


Television's fashion season has officially begun, with the hefty Project Runway power block last week, tonight's season premiere of The Rachel Zoe Project and a very special Anna Wintour appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman. The Vogue editrix already proved that she can laugh at her chilly reputation with 60 Minutes's Morley Safer, but will she loosen up even more for her first late night appearance? Dave tends to be on top of his game for his more serious guests and hopefully tonight's segment won't be any different.

Late Show With David Letterman [11:35 PM, CBS]

Guests: Anna Wintour, Mark Teixeira. The Devil Wears Prada is old news by now so the segment will more than likely be dedicated to Wintour's reputation, her upcoming September Issue documentary and maybe some fashion advice for Dave. Mark Teixeira of the New York Yankees will follow Wintour.

Rachel Zoe Project [10 PM, Bravo]

Tonight's season two premiere promises an hour of commercial interrupted fashion-related anxiety as Rachel Zoe and crew race to dress Anne Hathaway, Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore, Debra Messing and Eva Mendes for the Golden Globe Awards. We probably won't see much of the actual A-listers but our attention will be diverted by Taylor and Brad's bickering, sketchy cell phone service and Zoe's incessant fretting.

Charlie Rose [11 PM, PBS]

Guests: Dolly Parton, Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren. Any other television host would capitalize on these A-list bookings by dragging them out across a special week-long event, but Charlie Rose crams all three women's discussions into a single episode. When he does choose to book celebrities, Rose is one of the only journalists who can pull useful information from his guests, never having to sit through oft-repeated, junket-ready anecdotes.


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [11:30 PM, AMC]

Val Kilmer's portly homosexual P.I. is the best part of Shane Black's quippy murder mystery. With his dry wit and calm presence, Kilmer holds his own against Downey's standard nervous chatter schtick while stealing most of the film's laughs. Also, Los Angeles has never looked so Christmas-y.


  • Lowbrow says:

    I wish Lauren Conrad would be following Anna Wintour as a guest tonight, Anna's facial expressions to that interview would be priceless.