Youth in Revolt Trailer: Meet Michael Cera, Bad Boy


The other day, when I laid eyes upon the first picture from Youth in Revolt, I begged for a costume designer to dirty Michael Cera up a little, slap on a leather jacket, or at least do something to prod Cera from his current streak of roles as hoodie-clad milquetoasts. Little did I realize that all he needed was a wispy mustache!

At first, the trailer for Youth in Revolt promises not much more than a hyper-literary take on the usual Cera sadsack tropes, but when his character Nick Twisp breaks out a mustachioed alter ego named "Francois," Cera finally gets to show off his mischievous Bill Murray side. In fact, for as much as Cera often seems to be playing himself onscreen (literally, in Paper Heart), Francois appears to fit snugly into Cera's wheelhouse; ten bucks says Francois is the one who jerked us around for all those months before Cera committed to the Arrested Development movie.


· Youth in Revolt [Moviefone]


  • el smrtmnky says:

    first rule of Dork Club...

  • bmcintire says:

    Ugh. One note with a cheesy fake moustache is still just one note. Returned for a refund.

  • yarmulke says:

    It's too bad Cera's alter Ego is a Porn Stache Alien.

  • brett says:

    How can you hate on the pornstache? I thought that was hilarious. Regardless of how one-dimensional Cera may be, he’s hilarious in the awkward teen role, and I except another great movie here.I haven’t read the book, but tons of friends have been nagging me about it forever, so now I’m glad I can get this story in 2 hours as opposed to finding the time to read.
    Also thought it was awesome that they used “Timebomb” by Old 97’s at the end of the trailer. great song.