That Little Circle Over the Second 'A' in His Last Name? It's a Halo.


· True Blood's Alexander Skarsgård climbed a fence at a Swedish soccer stadium to save the life of a boy who was nearly trampled to death during a fan riot. The boy is OK, but Godric is reportedly burning with jealousy! (Sorry.)

· Oh, please, Mickey Rooney -- stop playing so coy. As if you didn't do something exactly like Twitter using a steam-powered telegraph machine when you played Freckles in 1935's The County Chairman. [via BWE]

· Miley Cyrus and her The Last Song co-star Liam Hemsworth were "full-on making out," and she was "giddy as a schoolgirl," says "Alex Emanuel, a New York actor who was a few feet away from the couple." Now let's take a look at the pervy starf**ker who tattled the two out.

· From The Onion: Chubby Jewish Boy Dreams Of One Day Being Next Apatow Muse.

· Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angela Lansbury are rumored to star as mother and daughter in a revival of A Little Night Music, featuring a cast that "would be younger than the original Broadway production." Younger? Really?