Spencer Pratt's New Book: The Other Satanic Verses


It needs to be said: Screw you, Merv Griffin! Spencer Pratt is the only real multi-hyphenate TV icon. Let us attempt to do him justice: reality star; reality actor; breather; Ray Combs lookalike; paparazzi chaser; flesh-beard pimper; probing (eww) journalist. The list swells again with his newest achievement: autobiographer.

In his new book Chickenshit for the Eternally Damned Soul How to be Famous, out this fall, the Hills star reveals a number of trenchant observations, like his admiration for Brad Pitt: "There literally is not another situation in the history of Hollywood where a man left a woman as beloved as Jennifer Aniston for someone like Angelina Jolie (a home-wrecking head case) and still ended up the good guy... We salute you, Mr. Pitt!" Or the following self-analysis, perhaps stolen from Grendel: "If I weren't me, I'd hate me... When you're the villain, you don't have to worry about how your enemy feels."

Well, I can't say I won't love his press junket. Here's hoping Al Roker emerges from corridors during every interview laughing and pointing.

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