Rob Zombie on Lost Halloween II Trailer: 'This is the F**king Movie We Made'


One need rewind back only one week to find a potent reminder of just how important it is to market a movie properly -- to the cinematic roadkill known as Bandslam. Had Summit thrown some faith behind the vehicle and targeted it to budding hipsters united by their shared love of alienation and indie rock, they might have found an unlikely sleeper on their hands. Instead, they pushed it as a sequel to Camp Rock, and America's tweens suddenly found themselves with better things to do with their time and allowance money, like hurling dildos at Adam Lambert. Now, same shit, different genre: Wednesday, we posted an unused trailer for Halloween II, procured by BloodyDisgusting, that suggested Rob Zombie was doing some very intriguing stuff with a sequel that wasn't producing much buzz.

Zombie is a very interesting filmmaker -- he might not be to everyone's tastes, but he has a language and ideas that are his own, and he at least seems to be interested in telling stories more complex than the typical girl-meets-axe affairs rolling off the Platinum Dunes conveyor belt. I'll admit having felt suspicious at the leak's timing, but in an interview with, Zombie expressed both genuinely pleasant surprise, along with frustration, that people were finally seeing the trailer edit he'd wanted Dimension to use all along.

From EW:

"When I first saw the trailer [cut by the company Buddha Jones], I went, 'This is the f--ing movie we made.' And then [Dimension Films] was like, 'We don't want to use it, we don't like it,' and they just threw it away. Then they cut all these other trailers that just look like generic, stupid f--ing slasher movie trailers, and I was f--in' pissed. In fact, I wrote this long letter to the promotion department: 'I hate these trailers and these TV spots, and I f--in' hate you.'

You spend forever trying to craft something special and they're gonna market it like a generic piece of '80s slasher movie sh- because they think audiences are so f--ing stupid they can't understand anything else. That trailer leaked from wherever, and I'm thrilled. The response has been like, 'Wow, I didn't want to see this movie until I saw this trailer.' ... "The Moody Blues song is very important within the actual movie," Zombie says. "That trailer, that's our movie."

"I wrote the marketing guys a thank you note," Zombie says. "I said, 'I don't know if you guys leaked this, but thank you if you did.'"

A thank-you note for potentially leaking a spot online at the 11th hour -- an amazing spot they should have been running all along? Zombie's a nicer guy than he'd probably want anyone to believe. Let's hope it wasn't too little too late.

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