My Favorite Scene: Kathy Griffin Edition!


Earlier this month at the Langham Huntington hotel, network executives mingled with talent and press at the NBC Universal TCA party. Somewhere in the midst of the strawberry shortcake buffets, an irritating Naughty Chef demo and expensive suits, Kathy Griffin stood shouting, "Who wants to talk to me? I'm Kathy Griffin!" It seemed like as good a time as any to play a round of Movieline's My Favorite Scene.

Griffin was quick to identify The Dead Zone, David Cronenberg's adaptation of the Stephen King novel, as her favorite film: "I just think it's so moving but creepy and it was before Christopher Walken went really crazy."

Fanning herself with a massive homemade Kathy Griffin sign, she explained, "My favorite part of the movie is when [Brooke Adams] wants to have sex with Walken the night before he's in the coma and he says, 'Better not, some things are worth waiting for.' OK, I'm getting really specific but I love that movie."

As a group of Christian Siriano look-alikes interrupted for a hug from Kathy, she added, "By the way, Jay Mohr does the definitive Christopher Walken impression."♦