Who's Afraid of the Octomom?


If you fell asleep after drinking an entire bottle of Quickfire Cabernet Sauvignon as Rick Bayless prepared his Top Chef Masters-winning 20 ingredient mole and completely missed Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage, despair not. The Fox freak show would have totally killed your buzz and sunk you deeper into depression knowing that somewhere, fourteen kids were wailing as their mother preened for the cameras, dissed Kate Gosselin, got an angel tattoo and chattered about her house being haunted.

The two-hour documentary, which drew 4.2 million viewers last night, featured the greatest moments from the Radar Online footage: the nurses desperately trying to remove a camerawoman from the operating room as Suleman gave birth, Suleman talking at length about returning to a size 2 dress size and Suleman telling her mother that she can support her fourteen children with "the strong faith I've been given by God."

Later in the documentary though, Suleman seems overwhelmed by her decisions, explaining, "I screwed up my life, I screwed up my kids' lives. I have to put up this strong facade and pretend like I don't regret it." Regardless of that brave face, her older children are still angry: one child tells her, "You're not the best parent," while another flat-out calls her a bitch. In spite of the kids hitting cameras, whacking the crew and fleeing the room whenever they see a lense, Suleman reveals that she is still interested in a reality show so that her children can have the same kind of opportunities and sponsored vacations the Gosselins enjoy.

In the following extended clip, watch as Suleman receives her eighth tattoo. If you can stomach more, the entire Fox documentary is now available on Hulu.com.


  • Tracy says:

    Give me a break this woman is crazy. She basically tells her children they r all mistakes she sorry she had them and shes in it for the money. She makes me sick and needs her kids to go to good loving homes where they r wanted. They want reality tv its not about multiple births its about everyday true life how about mine as a single parent of three ypoung ones fighting everyday to survive not getting anything for free. i cant stand that the media continues to give her what she wants.ATTENTION

  • Lowbrow says:

    That tattoo turned out almost as ugly as the life choices she has made.