Project Runway Ready for Landing


Much was made over the Project Runway network shift and no one can say that Lifetime isn't taking advantage of the attention. There are three-plus hours of fashion forward viewing tonight so even the most insatiable PR fan will probably be hungover tomorrow from all of that fabric purchasing and sewing.

Project Runway [10 PM, Lifetime]

Project Runway: All-Star Challenge airs at 8 PM and reunites fans with their favorite contestants for two hours. Then the season six premiere begins at 10 PM with sixteen new designers and guest-judge Lindsay Lohan. PR spin-off Models of the Runway premieres at 11 PM. Then everyone takes a quick nap and ignores their closet full of Old Navy clothing.

Skins [9 PM, BBC]

Many people call this the British Gossip Girl, but GG would never completely replace a cast after the second season of a show. The basic idea is that a new guy moves to Britain from the Congo and must learn to fend for himself, but it's a lot funnier and more interesting than a simple "new guy at school" tale. Also, it is shot on HD and looks great. The Brits do it best.

Police Women of Broward County [9 PM, TLC]

TLC calls this a "docudrama" but it seems more real than most reenactments. Broward County might be more famous for screwing up general elections, but these ladies are out to prove that you can fight crime while wearing makeup. Tonight, the ladies bust drug dealers, crazy people, and rape suspects. Where are the reality doctor shows? This cop stuff feels very Clinton's first term. The fear now is illness, not criminals.


A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints [8:15 PM, Sundance]

For those who thought Channing Tatum was mostly unknown before G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, this "returning to the old neighborhood" story will confirm your suspicion that he took that action film to raise his profile and pad his wallet (not stretch his limits). Shia LeBeouf, Robert Downey Jr. and Chazz Palminteri are just a few of the other great and/or solid actors in this cast, and when the narrative urgency dissipates there are still a lot of nice people to look at.