Summit Closing in on Jodie Foster's Beaver


· Wait, sorry... THE Beaver! THE Beaver! You know what I mean: The Jodie Foster-directed, Mel Gibson-starring comedy-drama about one bummed-out fellow's efforts to find comfort in his ubiquitous beaver hand puppet. Summit Entertainment is in advanced talks to acquire worldwide rights for the film, and why not? The studio seems like just the right fit for a fragile, tough-to-market indie after its striking success with The Hurt Locker and Bandslam and... All right, never mind. Fox Searchlight, where are you when we need you? [Variety]

Jon Hamm gets Punch-ed, Rosario Dawson joins Unstoppable and much more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Jon Hamm has signed on to co-star in Sucker Punch, Zack Snyder's teen-lobotomy/asylum-escape thriller. The only detail about Hamm's character to be announced is his name: High Roller. Get to your decoders, fanboys. THR]

· The off-and-on production status of Unstoppable seems to have firmly stuck in the "on" position at last: Fox has moved beyond its infamous Denzel Washington casting haggles to lock in Rosario Dawson, who will also star with Chris Pine in the Tony Scott-directed runaway-train adventure. [Variety]

· And just in case you needed another cosmic hint that the Terminator franchise is doomed, the Halcyon Co. subsidiary that owns the rights filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday -- a day after the rookie producers at Halcyon sued their hedge-fund partners for financial wrongdoing. Brilliant. That asset sale will be fun to watch; anyone want to buy a classic sci-fi franchise, 25 years old, runs OK, needs work? [Variety]

· You remake du jour: Outland, the 1981 sci-fi thriller featuring Sean Connery as a marshal faced with taking down a murderous bureaucratic racket on one of Jupiter's moons. Warner Bros. will move it a little closer to Earth and inflate it into a tentpole-size actioner with Shoot 'Em Up director Michael Davis. [THR]


  • Furious D says:

    1. Knowing Summit's marketing prowess they'll probably retitle it "Jodie Foster's Beaver Has Mel Gibson's Hand In It," attracting a completely different target demographic.
    2. My decoder ring says it means: Drink Ovaltine. Why am I having a flashback to "A Christmas Story?"
    3. Didn't they just do a train movie? What, it didn't work out the first time, so let's do it all over again?
    4. While I don't like seeing companies go bankrupt, I do think they flogged the Terminator franchise well past the point of death.
    5. That's outlandish.