Peggy Olson's Holding That Spoiler Like a Man

In the buttery light of Mad Men's Sterling Cooper offices, Mother-Jonesing upstart Peggy Olson holds a clue to an upcoming episode's foray into the increasingly happenin' 1963. Is it a sexy-lady fountain pen that calls to mind the indefatigable derriere of Joan Holloway? Or maybe a Gene Pitney-themed lollipop, one that reinforces Peggy's relative infancy and inability to cope with the British Invasion? A Chinese finger-trap? The teensy testicles of Roger Sterling? Thanks to spoiler photos posted today on ONTD, the telltale object, as well as Peggy's warlord grip, are revealed after the jump.


Oh, dear. Marijuana. First Peggy hands off horrible Pete Campbell babies to strangers, and now she handles office affairs like a regular Grace Slick. Sterling Cooper: Where the truth is found to be lies. And all the joy within you turns into a Don Draper monologue about your childhood.

Also: Doth my eyes deceive me, or is Peggy's couch-sharing associate the David Byrne-honoring, Tom Cruise-impersonating wunderkind Miles Fisher? My contact high just ballooned into boy-crazy euphoria.

· SPOILER POST! Screencaps From Leaked Mad Men ep [ONTD]


  • bess marvin, girl detective says:

    i hope the background music is Three Six Mafia's "Get High" or else it would've all been for naught

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