Buzz Break: This is Our Youth

· Quick, name that Michael Cera movie! Why, it's a still from his upcoming TIFF entry Youth in Revolt. At this point, I will pay a costume designer to slap a leather jacket and earrings on Cera. Something. Anything.

· The third episode of Mad Men was accidentally released into the wild via iTunes.

· Oh hey, they're doing a Dirty Dancing remake. Because Havana Nights went so well?

· "Maybe it has also exempted the subject World War times listed as Tap Dance," Brad Pitt told a German magazine. OK, we admit it: Our German translation skills may not be the best.

· Photoshop used for good, not evil: A gallery of dogs sniffing celebrities.


  • Furious D says:

    1. Michael Cera is like Harpo Marx, without the Michael Cera "look" of total averageness, no would know it was him.
    2. Whoops.
    3. I think it would work as well as Dirty Dancing: The Series did.
    4. With the way Brad's been talking lately, I don't think it's a translation error.
    5. That's a ray of sunshine.

  • "No one puts Baby in a remake!"