Busts That Go Boom: Michael Bay's Victoria's Secret Blockbuster

With Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen now having surpassed $800 million in global box office, Michael Bay has finally moved on the intimate labor of love he promised the world months ago. And judging by the first behind-the-scenes images from the set, no one can really deny he's returned to basics: Just one director, his tiny crew, and a bevy of semi-naked Victoria's Secret models stranded in the desert. More photos after the jump.

Bay just released the shots on his Web site a few hours ago, offering a sneak peek at the ads he's currently shooting for the lingerie superpower. All looks peaceful now -- almost too good to be true, really. Just wait for those angry public exchanges to come when Alessandra Ambrosio tells Harry Smith about the baffling, migraine-inducing film that results, or Lindsay Ellingson's haunting reminiscence of her audition washing the director's Ferrari. And don't even get the critics started about all the product placement. Some geniuses just can't catch a break.

· Victoria's Secret Behind the Scenes [MichaelBay.com]



  • el smrtmnky says:

    is QT's dildo anywhere around?

  • Bill Robertson says:

    I hate this guy..... I gotta get me a camera

  • sweetbiscuit says:

    Somewhere, Billy Bush is looking at this, tweeting and shaking his head about how all of Gloria Steinem's work is being eroded, again. Of course, he's probably tweeting one-handed, but still, you know, he's outraged by how "comical and predictable" it all is....

  • Anglohero says:

    OMG! I'm in the wrong business!

  • david says:

    Agent Provocateur lingerie makes Victoria"s Secret underwear look like it came from J C Penny or Sears. Go tale a look at their very cool and erotic lingerie and dream about how you could even afford it. Deliriously breathtaking.

  • Omar says:

    This guy can do much better and not use young girls for this sick images which we know have been transformed, corrected in every way possible to look good. These girls I tell you have no idea what they are doing? how much they are earning and worth, they can't even spell correctly but they are just doing it for the fun of it and it all ends for them as quickly as it started, the question is whats next for them?.

  • Paul McComas says:

    Uh...why are ALL of the models he's filming white?
    Yo, Michael. Diversity? America? Melting pot? 21st Century?

  • Andrew says:

    They're so skin and bones. I thought that look was out. It's still out for me. If that kind of body is what comes natural for them, then fine, but I wouldn't want to go near them without a box of bandaids.

  • snickers says:

    Bay's propensity for mindless entertainment continues.

  • Gicomeng says:

    I agree. It looks like a throwback to the mighty white Charlie's Angels trio of the '70s. The only difference is that it's a bit more revealing and what it reveals is that America is still as tasteless, immature, and prejudice as it was 35 years ago during the disco era. All that's missing is a mirror ball, a strobe, and bell bottoms. All it suggests is that hard economic times have created a shortage of material in more ways than one.

  • Kj Cuiel says:

    Melting pot suggestion:
    How about a trio like face/images of Gabriella Union, Miss Aishira "Bollywood" what's her name and a nice Lucy Lui smile/bod'.................they all are very beautiful, international & fashionable women; I would want all three of these women in my bed.

  • Sarah says:

    Do you have proof that these girls cannot spell or know what they're doing? "Whats next" for them is of no concern, they're grown women and have made their choices to be models. I highly doubt they have been forced into being paid to look beautiful and travel... What's wrong with doing a job for fun and money? Would you rather be miserable and poor at your job? Also, I'm pretty sure that most stock brokers, actors, oil magnates, CEOs, etc. aren't doing they're job solely for the betterment of mankind.
    You're one to talk about their supposed inability to spell, when your grammar isn't exactly perfect.
    "This guy can do much better" um... it's Michael Bay... don't expect too much

  • No one who cannot rejoice in the discovery of his own mistakes deserves to be called a scholar.

  • moncler says:

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