Ineptitude of Avatar Website is Amazingly Lifelike Even Without 3-D Glasses

After hitting reload roughly 1,842,366 times on Monday to secure tickets to Avatar Day through Fox's lugubrious website, you can imagine the excitement as my initial confirmation email was, hours later, followed by roughly 1,842,366 more. It came as no surprise to me, then, that Fox called a do-over and sent out random emails today (some as early as 3am) scuttling the Monday confirmations and asking moviegoers to pick again. So, is the site fixed? Haha, no.

The actual physical act of selecting a time went smoothly enough, and there even seemed to be additional showtimes added, but I was amused to find that a simple selection and click-thru produced a random, broken debug menu on the top part of Fox's confirmation page. Guys, even the fake Avatar trailer had better production values than this whole endeavor.

PREVIOUSLY: Avatar: Tales From the Crash


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