Patricia Heaton Tearfully Admits to Being Currency-Conversion Illiterate on National TV


When ABC announced a string of C-List celebrity contestants to ring in Who Wants To Be a Millionaire's 10th anniversary, we expected producers to throw together a series of topics usually featured in magazines found on an airplane. Proving us all wrong, Reeg served Patricia Heaton a currency conversion question last night that quickly sent the Everybody Loves Raymond co-star into a disastrous podium meltdown reminiscent of SNL's most excruciating Celebrity Jeopardy skit.

After sufficiently plugging her upcoming ABC sitcom The Middle, backhandedly dissing the studio audience and then insulting her alma mater (Ohio State) in a last plea for Millionaire's mercy, Reeg dealt Heaton the most difficult question in his deck. Heaton blamed Regis for the bogus question and unsuccessfully tapped her lifeline (her husband) before surrendering and offering to personally fork over $25,000 to her gypped charity.

In an act of tremendous patience (or desperation to fill eight minutes of screen time), Reeg refused to let Heaton give up, gently coaching her with phrases like, "You know this!" and "How many pennies make a dollar?" After most viewers had switched over to a repeat of House, Heaton arrived at the answer, ensuring that she wouldn't have to let go of any of that hard-earned Everybody Loves Raymond cash.


  • Old No.7 says:

    Don't criticize her for not being able to concentrate, she just saw the internet video of Dr. McSteamy's wang.

  • stolidog says:

    She used her lifeline to call her husband? I thought she had a direct line to god?