Video: Family Guy's Stewie Assaults The Office-Favoring Brian


Family Guy set its Emmy buzz-maker into overdrive last week, performing an abortion episode live for the Television Arts & Sciences, outing baby Stewie as a homosexual and announcing a singing Karl Rove character next season. With Emmy voters properly desensitized from the Family Guy media onslaught, MacFarlane and Co. unleashed the most violent attack in their Emmy arsenal yesterday: a playful assault video aimed squarely at The Office enthusiasts.

In the first of six online videos that will target fellow Outstanding Comedy Series nominees (30 Rock, Entourage, Flight Of The Conchords, How I Met Your Mother, The Office and Weeds), Stewie beats Brian senseless after hearing that he is leaning towards voting for The Office. In between lines like, "That's what she said, get it?" and "Eat Shrute and die," Stewie bludgeons Brian with a towel rack, dunks him in the toilet and demands, "Where's my Emmy?!" This video may not be the most transparent of Family Guy's award-trolling, but it is certainly the bloodiest.


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