The Jay Leno Show Preview: Expect Lots of Rich Guy Fancy-Car Talk!


Of the many not-particularly-interesting things about Jay Leno, his exotic car collection is arguably the very least interesting -- a rich man's hobby that offers the viewer little by way of entertainment or relatability, no matter how enthusiastically he lays on the "Dixie"-playing horn of his WWI-era, high-speed touring roadster outside a crowded Fuddruckers in Burbank. Still, among members of that exclusive club of breakthrough comedians who earn a gazillion dollars per year or more, autophilia is an extremely popular practice, with lengthy provisions woven into their pre-nups that retain all cars upon divorce, and, in some extreme cases, permit for instances of extramarital sex, so long as it is conducted upon a chrome exhaust pipe.

Which brings us to this footage, the latest in an ongoing series of increasingly baffling bonus materials uploaded to, the online home of NBC's bold primetime experiment to bring Leno's narcolepsy-inducing brand of topical humor to a wider audience of Americans who'd rather be watching Law & Order: The One with the Twitchy, Homeless-Looking Guy. In it, Jay stumbles into his very first booked guest -- Jerry Seinfeld -- at the Laguna Seca Raceway, where he scored "an exclusive interview for his website" (has it really come to this, Jay?). There, the two discussed Seinfeld's extensive Porsche collection, including the very vehicle Steve McQueen drove in Le Mans.

Would you find paint drying more compelling? We can accommodate you. The site provides a live feed of the set coming together. Not much is going on at the moment, but I'm pretty sure that's Ross the Intern napping across four bleacher seats, and you never know which staffer might get tossed from the payroll at any given moment for not fake-laughing convincingly enough at their boss's bad jokes.


  • You Are INSANE says:

    Wow! What a load of crap! Not sure who Seth Abramovitch is besides an out of touch wannabe Hollywood whiner. Jay Leno's collection of cars is the MOST appealing thing about the guy, Seth would know this if he were not an obvious metro-sexual pretender, and by pretender I mean someone who has to pretend to know what real men find appealing. Sorry Seth but this is not a woman's magazine, and this is the most distasteful article I have ever found in reference to Jay Leno.
    There is a reason Jay Leno is a permanent guest in Popular Mechanics magazine, there is a reason Jay's garage has more interest than every article ever written by Seth Abramovitch combined. Men have an obsession with fine automobiles and Jay has some of the best examples ever built. If you cannot appreciate Jay's collection and obsession, so be it, but if you are going to knock it, do it in Cosmo or Good Housekeeping or some other more feminine leaning media outlet. In the meantime maybe you should write about skirts or pantyhose and pumps, something more up your side of the alley. In the meantime I'll be waiting for your replacement to apologize on your behalf as there are millions of people more interested in Jay's cars and garage than will ever bother to think twice about some no-name idiot trying to put down Jay's love of real cars.

  • rodger says:

    Ha! Only Jay understands my manly car fetish!

  • From Hawaii says:

    I find dust collecting, paint drying, and even grass growing a much more fun activity then this article which was solely meant to rip apart people who have put hard work into making this show, and Jay who has been fortunate enough to obtain these fine automobiles. typical media of today...unfortunate.

  • metroville says:

    Yeah, Seth. Stop pretending to be metrosexual.

  • Lowbrow says:

    It seems that Jay has cronies that troll the internet with the same level of devotion exhibited by the Gokeyites or Lambertines.

  • PaisleyPajamas says:

    I believe that's "Rich Guy With 'Teeny Peen Fancy Car Talk," yes?

  • PS says:

    I'm not rich, but I'm a guy who likes cars. Honestly, I'm glad SOMEONE has the $$$ to keep these pieces of history in good shape, and I like hearing about them from a knowledgeable enthusiast, which Leno most definitely is.
    I'm much rather watch some Guys talking about their cars, tell a few jokes, and make with the funny; than to watch Tyra reveal her "real" hair, Oprah pontificate upon the need for over wrought, narcissism driven, private schools for a few lucky girls in Africa, or damaged, often mentally unstable people make asses of themselves on American Idol while people whom have never had a bad day in their lives critique their ever move.
    I bet the guy whom wrote this article douches his mangina with Cosmopolitans.

  • Seth Abramovitch says:

    Can't you suck on your tailpipes without being a homophobic douche about it?

  • Seth Abramovitch says:

    Then again, you know way too much about Oprah, Tyrah and Paulah to be straight. Carry on.