Jay Leno and Fred Armisen Star in Darkest, Most Homicidal Leno Show Promo Yet


NBC's slow and steady build-up to September's unveiling of The Jay Leno Show has created little anticipation for the desk-free, car-racing, correspondent-heavy Tonight Show derivative. In fact, Movieline pretty much declared the primetime experiment to be dead on arrival. Earlier today though, The Hollywood Reporter detected a faint pulse on TJLS with the discovery of a dark promo in which Jay and Fred Armisen commit vehicular homicide in one of Leno's vintage cars.

The video, screened in movie theaters recently, shows Leno and Armisen on the road to a comedy show in a twisted Tommy Boy take-off. Surprisingly, the promo appears to have required some forethought instead of just capturing staff standing around awkwardly or hooking up a live feed. To date, this is arguably the only existing evidence that Leno's 10 PM program will be worth TiVoing.