Evidence of Those 17-Hour Grey's Anatomy Work Days


ABC released a photo from the upcoming season premiere of Grey's Anatomy today, perhaps to remind America that its breakout nude video star and the reigning queen of public complaints aren't just tabloid commodities - they also act in a Shonda Rhimes joint that will return to television on September 24. It might take more than a staged set photo to tear McSteamy-fans away from watching Eric Dane remember his childhood dog Cocaine in the buff though, so TV Guide Magazine offered up some spoilers, after the jump.

In addition to posting the first Grey's premiere photo, TV Guide Magazine also got ahold of a "show source" and a few peripheral cast members to dish on George's funeral:

"[George O'Malley's funeral] will reverberate through the halls of Seattle Grace long after the dead doc's casket is closed. Nearly everyone will be present--including a frail Izzie in a headscarf--to mourn George's passing at a graveside service attended by George's mom (but not by his ex, Callie)."

Jessica Capshaw, who plays Dr. Arizona Robbins, added:

"My character previously lost her brother, so I'll be helping Callie process this horrible loss."

Kevin McKidd who co-stars as Owen, Dr. Yang's new love interest, revealed:

"Owen is so used to losing colleagues that he'll become a rock for others to help them deal with [George's death]. Cristina is in denial about it, and he's there for her at that moment when she actually realizes what has happened."

The spoilers may not be enough to shake a nude McSteamy from your brain, but they will at least help you move forward. Now if we only knew what is happening with Meredith and Derek...