Eclipse Finally Casts the Only Two Werewolves Who Will Wear Shirts

Summit announced the start of production today on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and alongside the press release, the studio confirmed the casting of two pivotal roles. So, which actors will be joining Taylor Lautner's Shirtless Wolfpack Boyband, and how might we already know them? (Hint: You might not want to say where you recognize one of them from.)

First up is Julia Jones, who will be playing the role of Leah Clearwater (casting rumors often put Vanessa Hudgens and Q'Orianka Kilcher up for the same part). Jones is a 28-year-old model/actress and had a four-episode arc on ER after you stopped watching that show.

Cast as her younger brother Seth is the delightfully named BooBoo Stewart, a child actor and martial artist in the vein of Lautner himself. Despite being fifteen years old, Stewart had a multi-episode arc on the gay softcore porn drama Dante's Cove, so he will be right at home in a film series where guys take their clothes off at the slightest provocation. Welcome, actors!

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