9 Burning Questions Answered by Howard Stern's Tarantino Interview

We thought it couldn't get any more revealing than when he shared the fact that his favorite movie of the past 17 years is the underrated Woody Allen gem, American Pie Presents: Little Stifflers, but Quentin Tarantino's all-access media assault in support of Inglourious Basterds continues, making a stopover yesterday at Howard Stern's Sirius studios. And in typical Stern style, the disarming radio host coaxed more out of the genre-obsessed auteur than any interviewer to come before. David Carradine's final gasps; sexual attraction to Kathy Griffin; his thing about feet: they hit it all. We run down the most fascinating for you now, with much help from the Internet's leading Stern summarizer, marksfriggin.com:

1. How did Eli Roth get a part in a Tarantino movie?

"Howard asked why he cast Eli Roth, who used to sit outside his door on the set of Private Parts, instead of casting him in a part. Quentin told Howard he does a great Boston accent so that's why he got Eli in there."

2. For a man so obsessed with death and dying in his films, how well does he handle the subject in his real life?

"Howard asked Quentin about John Travolta and if he called him to talk to him about his son dying. Quentin said that he didn't hear about it right after it happened. He was over in Germany and he still hasn't called the guy to talk to him. He said that he's very immature about that kind of thing."

3. Did Tarantino really bed America's most beloved faghag comediennes (not including Joan Rivers)?

"Howard read that Quentin had made out with Kathy Griffin. Quentin said that he didn't have sex with her but he did make out with her. Howard asked him about Margaret Cho and doing her. Quentin said that she is pretty crazy and she talks a lot about sex. Howard asked if she was the best he had ever had. Quentin said no to that."

4. How much did Brad Pitt make on Inglourious Basterds?

"He said that he didn't have a ton of money to pay the guy but he thinks that he paid Brad something like $9 million for this."

5. Pitt recently told Bill Maher he no longer smokes weed, for the kids' sake. Was he telling the truth?

"Quentin said that things eventually ended and he went to his hotel. He said that Brad had this big brick of hash and he was going to give him some for the night. He said that Brad whipped out a knife and cut up a big sliver for him and the stuff was pretty good. He said that he asked for a pipe to go with it and Brad handed him a Coke can to use instead. Quentin said that would make for a great scene in a movie and he may have to use that."

6. What legendary rock album was recorded in a studio on Pitt's estate?

"Quentin said he and Brad didn't just talk about the movie. They were all going around the property in a dune buggy type of thing and they all checked out the property. He said that the kids got in it and they had to drive around to see the huge vineyard that they were at. He said that they have a recording studio on the property that was the one where Pink Floyd recorded ''The Wall.'"

7. Why does Lindsay Lohan still refer to Eli as "Ernie" every time she sees him?

"Howard asked about Eli Roth again and talked about how he met him at Lindsay Lohan's house. Quentin said it wasn't quite like that. He said that they were at a club and met and Lindsay asked them if they wanted to go back to her house for a party. Quentin said that Lindsay thought that Eli was his assistant so he was telling her that it was actually his younger brother Ernie Tarantino."

8. So, what are Q.T.'s thoughts on what really killed Bill?

"Quentin said that he has thought about the auto erotic asphyxiation but he has never done it. He said that he brought it up with some girls and they wanted to go through with it. He said he had second thoughts about it after they said yes. Howard asked Quentin if he was shocked that Carradine was into that. Quentin said that he's not sure that was the case but for the sake of the conversation, he thinks that's fucking bad ass. He said he went out great as far as he's concerned. Howard said that he thinks differently. He said that guy was Kill Bill and Kung Fu and he went out like that and it wasn't cool in his opinion."

9. And finally, could Tarantino expand on the specifics of his foot fetish? Is it a toe thing? A heel thing? A heel-toe step-ball-change thing?

"Howard asked Quentin about his foot fetish. Quentin said he doesn't have a fetish but he does like the lower end of the female body. Howard asked if he's really into feet. Quentin said that he likes feet and legs."

· MarkFriggin.com


  • jerebo says:

    This first sentence still baffles me:
    “Howard asked why he cast Eli Roth, who used to sit outside his door on the set of Private Parts, instead of casting him in a part."

  • kneal says:

    That got me, too. I think Howard was asking why Tarentino cast Eli instead of himself (Stern), since when he was filming "Private Parts" all Eli did was sit outside his (Stern's) door. Awkward sentence.

  • Seth Abramovitch says:

    It just means Eli used to stalk Stern during the shooting of Private Parts, and Stern was pitching himself for a role in Inglourious Bastards.

  • jerebo says:

    Oh, instead of casting Howard in a part... sorry, need more coffee.

  • The Kid says:

    Whoa Howard's back from his vacation? Is this is first day on the air since June? Should I even tune in tomorrow or does his Labor Day Vacation start today?
    As for Eli Roth, when Howard made Private Parts, he was also doing the radio show every day and Eli actually got paid to sit in the hallway of his hotel and make sure Howard was up in time to make it to the radio station after a long day of filming.

  • Lowbrow says:

    Quentin fucked Margaret Cho? That's disgusting; I don't even know who got the worse end of that transaction.

  • Jaze says:

    Oh, instead of casting Howard in a part... sorry, need more coffee...

  • bob says:

    THe pink floyd "The wall" studio reference needs to be verified, I seriously doubt Pitt owns that studio knowing ppl involved in that production.

  • jj says:

    Pink Floyd's The Wall was recorded at 4 different studios over the course of a couple of years. At least one was in the south of France, where Brad Pitt and brood resides... So, giving them the benefit of the doubt, it's possible he owns that Studio.

  • Alex says:

    #5 was a pretty rude thing to say on air...

  • bud says:

    oh and joking about how david died wasn't rude? it's howard stern for god sakes.

  • JaySin420 says:

    Like his style or not, Stern has become a great interviewer.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    "No longer smokes weed, for the kids’ sake."
    Hmm, you would think he could afford enough weed for the whole family to enjoy. But very fatherly to make such a sacrifice so the kid's can get their daily buzz.

  • Cecelia says:

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