When In Rome Trailer Approximately MMCVII Minutes Long


Sometimes, after I've watched a great deal of trailers back to back, I'll briefly forget what film I'm actually at the theater to see. My guess is that the endless trailer for the Kristen Bell romantic comedy When in Rome might induce the same effect, as it's pretty much guaranteed to be longer than the actual movie you've bought a ticket to.

I'm not completely clear on why this trailer is three and a half minutes long, as When in Rome's plot is fairly simple and high concept: Lovelorn Bell grabs a bunch of coins thrown into an enchanted fountain by other romantics, thereby granting her an entire conga line of unlikely but utterly besotted suitors (including Will Arnett, Jon Heder, and Dax Shepard). For some reason, though, the marketing wizards take a full minute and a half to even begin teasing out that concept. Don't you want to know everything that happens in the first act, they ask? Look, Kristen Bell has a job! Now she's at a party. Let's watch this all happen in real time. By the time you've finished this trailer, you could have spent the entire day clicking reload on the Avatar website.

VERDICT: I've already seen this movie now, apparently.


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