A DreamWorks Deal, No Longer Deferred


· DreamWorks has fuh-iiinally closed its deal with Reliance, which will flood the studio with cash and syndicate its senior debt. This is a fair and just reward for the pioneering minds that brought us the best Jason Biggs film of all time.

· James Woods and Dominic Purcell have been added to Rod Lurie's remake of Straw Dogs.

· Julie Chen had a lot to say to Movieline today, but she saved the best for CBS: a tangy, tossed-off "Oh no she di-int!"

· Alec Baldwin has written a HuffPo editorial calling on us as a nation to forgive Michael Vick.

· Eli Roths's Inglourious Basterds character Sgt. Donny Donowitz is the father of Lee Donowitz (Saul Rubinek) from True Romance, says Quentin Tarantino.

· The crushingly hyped Mad Men rode to record ratings victory last night. Bellboy-administered handjobs for everybody!


  • Furious D says:

    1. Syndicate its debt? Does that mean it's going to run on local stations between episodes of Seinfeld and Everyone Loves Raymond?
    2. Damn I hate remakes of movies that were done right the first time.
    3. Why does anyone care about anything to do with Big Brother.
    4. Baldwin's next editorial will be asking preemptive forgiveness for his next phone call with his daughter.
    5. I knew it!!
    6. Not bad Mad Men.