Is Leonardo DiCaprio Playing Christopher Nolan in Christopher Nolan's Inception?


Little has been revealed about Inception, Christopher Nolan's follow-up to The Dark Knight, except that it's a thriller set within the "architecture of the mind." Still, now that the film's started shooting, People's gleaned a couple of hints just by keeping an attentive eye on the film's outdoor sets.

Today, star Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted filming on the crowded Pont de Bir-Hakeim bridge in Paris, surrounded by two enormous, rotating mirrors (which reflected DiCaprio hundreds of times over) and accompanied by aggressive costar Ellen Page. Said People, "An argument develops between them and Page turns violent, shoving him, knocking him down. What followed were shots of the extras, standing as still as statues, as though they were frozen in time."


Left unsaid was something we hadn't really put together until now: DiCaprio seems to be a dead ringer for Nolan himself in this film. Decked out in layers of Armani on a hot day, his blond hair slicked back from a widow's peak and his full cheeks adding age to his handsome face, DiCaprio's a virtual stand-in for his director. Hey, we've got it! Perhaps DiCaprio is playing Nolan, who's fled to Paris to escape the aggressive Warner Brothers d-girl (Page) intent on beginning pre-production on Batman 3. "We need a 2011 tentpole," she yells, knocking DiCaprio/Nolan to the ground. "Don't make me call Ratner!"

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