Dancing with the Whip


Dancing with the Stars has announced the list of contestants for its ninth (!) season including [unsavory former Republican House Majority Leader] Tom DeLay, [former Mormon teen idol] Donny Osmond, [raspy-voiced soul singer] Macy Gray, [pouty heir to the Throne of Darkness] Kelly Osbourne, [Vincent Chase fire fighter] Debi Mazar, [unimonikered all-purpose famous person] Mya, [My Fake Fiance star] Melissa Joan Hart, [former NFLer] Michael Irvin, [Rod Stewart's stepson] Ashley Hamilton, [Backstreet Brother] Aaron Carter, [squeaky voiced former swimsuit model] Kathy Ireland, [Olympic swimmer] Natalie Coughlin, [Ultimate Fighting Champion] Chuck Liddell, [5'5" pro snowboarder] Louie Vito, [martial artist and Iron Chef America Chairman] Mark Dacascos, and [we honestly have no idea] Joanna Krupa. We call the season now for Mark Dacascos. The secret ingredient is: spangles! [EW]


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