Buzz Break: You Blinked

· Who knew that the title of George Clooney's upcoming The Men Who Stare at Goats should have included a spoiler alert?

· Was Brad Pitt added to Sherlock Holmes as his famous archnemesis Moriarty? The British tabloids say yes, but WB says no.

· More Robert Downey Jr.-related rumors! The actor might be resuscitating the vampire Lestat for a new big-screen series. Author Anne Rice has her lips sealed.

· Criterion has announced its November releases, including Gomorrah, A Christmas Tale, and Downhill Racer.

· Tyra Banks is promising that in honor of Top Model's short-but-not-too-short crop of new contestants, she will be wearing her real hair in the premiere -- most likely, because Miss Jay stole her weave.


  • Furious D says:

    1. A more accurate title would be "The Men Who Wasted A Movie's Budget."
    2. That would definitely make him the most inappropriate Moriarty in movie history.
    3. Just what we need another sucking movie.
    4. And in honour of that moment I will reveal my real "I don't give a shit" face.