Crack Open a Pint of Häagen-Dazs for Oxygen's Big Ass Mondays!


In the tradition of "Must See TV" and "Comedy Night Done Right" comes Oxygen's new "Big Ass Mondays". While it probably can't be thrown on a billboard above I-55 outside St. Louis, it might be generating some interest in the increasingly boring Dance Your Ass Off. While the contestants' asses might not be that big anymore, at least Oxygen is trying to spice things up.

Dance Your Ass Off [10 PM, Oxygen]

In earlier weeks, the contestants competed for a phone call home, but tonight their families pay a surprise visit. There will also be a "shocking twist" in eliminations tonight. Hopefully that twist is Lisa Ann Walter judging the dance stores consistently. She is all over the map.

Glenn Martin, DDS [8 PM, Nickelodeon]

The big story is that Michael Eisner pitched this show to Nick, but we will give it a chance because it stars Kevin Nealon as a family man. In the first episode, Nealon's Glenn Martin takes his family and their dog on an electronics-free road trip. If the comedy doesn't get sarcastic or edgy in the first five minutes, we're switching over to one of the Shark Week shows taking up space in the DVR.

Late Show with David Letterman [11:35 PM, CBS]

Guests: Quentin Tarantino, Chef Eric Ripert, Robert Cray Band. The Inglourious Basterds promotional tour is in full-swing (especially with Brad Pitt hitting Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday) and Tarantino makes for great late night talk. There should be stories of carousing in Europe and probably the same story about the Quentin Tarantino-themed bar that every cast member seems to be telling, but hopefully a new film clip other than the "killin' Nazis" speech we have seen a million times.


Sicko [10 PM, TMC]

Michael Moore is usually pretty timely with his scathing attacks on American life, but unfortunately for his wallet he was too early with this film. Now that health care is the issue of the day, this documentary might find a better context. It's not going to be a midnight movie or cult classic, but it makes some decent points about why government-run health care isn't all bad.