Kate Winslet, Todd Haynes to Bring the Melodrama For Mildred Pierce


· Occasionally a reimagining comes along that makes the horrifying news of all the other remakes, reboots and toy adaptations worth it. A new, Kate Winslet-starring adaptation of the classic potboiler Mildred Pierce -- whose searing 1945 version won Joan Crawford an Oscar -- would be one of those brilliant ideas. And that's not even the best part: It's a likely HBO miniseries written and directed by Todd Haynes. No Sam Mendes anywhere to be found! Raise your coffee mug; this calls for a toast. [Variety]

Carey Mulligan assumes the Gekko name for Wall Street 2, the Wolverine sequel gets a scribe and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Staying with the good news: This year's soon-to-be breakout star Carey Mulligan (An Education) has signed on for Wall Street 2, in which she'll play Gordon Gekko's daughter and the love interest of Shia LaBeouf's ambitious young stockbroker. We've all seen what can happen to Shia's leading ladies, Carey, so please be careful: Watch out for fat kids bearing roses. [THR]

· X-Men Origins: Wolverine featured huge stars and made a fortune and everything, but it just wasn't... writer-y enough. Enter Chris McQuarrie, the Oscar-winning screenwriter who will attempt to bounce back from Valkyrie with Wolverine 2; it's his second turn with the franchise, having done uncredited work for pal Bryan Singer on the 2000 original. [Variety]

· Steve Harvey has struck a deal with Screen Gems to bring his bestselling advice tome Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man to theaters. Too bad for Lionsgate; If any title would be better with a "Tyler Perry's" in front of it, this is probably it. [Variety]

· ABC will revive the 1985 Brat-Pack classic St. Elmo's Fire as a series; Topher Grace is a co-producer but apparently not confirmed to star (at least not yet). You know the drill: It's basically going to be a single-camera Friends in Georgetown, with a little younger cast and more post-grad soap-opera sensibility. And I guess we're going to need to replace John Parr's original theme song, which I'm now going to have stuck in my head all morning. Taking suggestions below. [THR]


  • JudgeFudge says:

    I still haven't forgiven Todd Haynes for I'm Not There. I actually skipped out halfway through that flick. As soon as it cut to Richard Gere as Bob Dylan, admiring a Giraffe in Woodstock, I felt it was time to make my peace with Bob Dylan, Todd Haynes, Indie Cinema, Cate Blanchet and Harvey Weinstein, and leave.

  • bess marvin, girl detective says:

    THAT'S NOT FAIR. I suggested to my former boss at WMA (ahem, I mean WME) that they should do a remake of St. Elmo's Fire and she replied with an emphatic "no" because "they'll just make it into Gossip Girl."
    She stands corrected.

  • Pamela Strangeways says:

    Hmmmm....Who should they cast as Veda?