First Avatar Image Reveals Na'vi to Be Advanced Race of Tanning-Bed Addicts

At long last, the Avatar-curious among you have something to look at besides leaked, unfinished production shots and set stills of the director aiming his custom-made, 3-D assault camera at star Sigourney Weaver after she delivered what he deemed to be a phoned-in line reading (or as he put it, "Look alive, Sigourney! This is Avatar, not 'Miss Hathaway Vs. the Aliens!'").

Via /Film, who ascertained it was 100% legit and would not be cruelly yanked from the fanboy blogosphere by Fox's unfeeling intellectual property department, here is the first official glimpse of the film. It features Sam Worthington's wheelchair-bound Marine Jake Sully, standing in front of his genetically engineered Na'avian host body, which lies peacefully unconscious and suspended in an artificial amniotic compound not unlike Barbicide. A few scenes later, he's seen standing spread-armed on the back of a soaring winged velociraptor, jubilantly exclaiming that he's "King of Planet Pandora!"