Our Commenters of the Week Win A Place on Tarantino's Wall of Dildo Shame!


It's rare that we'd catch our sharpest commenters napping, but should it happen, at least they'd know what to look out for: a nudge from Tarantino's actor-poking purple dildo, and a Polaroid snap of shame to commemorate the occasion. Still, though Tarantino calls his photo-filled bulletin board a wall of shame, our five favorite comments merit placement in what we deem a hall of fame. So who won this week?

Christopher on Twilight Barbies Stealing Avatar Action Figure Shelf Space, Decry Angry Fanboy Collectors: "If they really wanted to capture those K Stew & R Patz portrayals, they should have carved these out of wood."

JudgeFudge on Tarantino's Purple Dildo Of Set-Napping Shame: A Photo Album: "This is Tarantino's best picture since Jackie Brown."

Dimo on Kathy Griffin Accidentally Knocked Up By Levi Johnston At Teen Choice Awards After Party: "'I just, you know, look at her, shut up and do what I'm told.' Isn't that the exact same thing he was forced to do at the Republican National Convention?"

Old No.7 on Octomom Documentary Preview: 'What Was I Thinking?': "I bet this was a real challenge for the audio techs on location, what with the walls of her vagina banging together in the wind and making all that noise."

Furious D on Real-Life Ferris Bueller Grew Up to Be Obama-Investigated Bush Crony: "Here's another little known Hughes film fact. Ducky from Pretty In Pink was based on Dick Cheney."