Buzz Break: At Close Range


· Marvel has released images from its upcoming, in-continuity Iron Man vs. Whiplash series, building momentum for the two titans' bigscreen confrontation in Iron Man 2. I'm holding out for the sidestory, Pepper Potts vs. Drunk Cockatoo.

· TNT has canceled its Holly Hunter drama Saving Grace.

· Apprentice villainess Omarosa is entering a seminary. For VH1, right? No? Hmm.

· NBC has booked its first guest for The Jay Leno Show: Jerry Seinfeld.

· Jennifer Aniston will sing in her upcoming film The Goree Girls, directed by Michael Sucsy (Grey Gardens). Predicted tabloid angles: Aniston calls ex-flame John Mayer for help, Aniston recalls Brad Pitt while performing a tragic country western ballad, Angelina Jolie steals Aniston's thunder by simultaneously cracking the mystery of cold fusion.


  • I was just thinking how sad it was that Michael Vartan's hotness was wasted on that nurse show, and how he was likely to have that job for years and years because TNT doesn't cancel its series, but I see I'm wrong. Maybe his beauty can break free to something sexy and action packed. Oh, JJ, why didn't you bring him over to Lost?
    Omarosa joining a seminary sounds very efficient; skip the middle man and disappoint God directly.

  • Furious D says:

    1. There is a variation of that Pepper Potts title to be found in the back room of a video store somewhere.
    2. I guess Grace couldn't be saved.
    3. She's either trying to atone for all that shitty TV, or aiming to become a televangelist.
    4. I'll bet dollars to donuts that Jay's scared that NBC is plotting to replace him with Jerry.
    5. Another reason to avoid a Jennifer Aniston movie outside of it being a Jennifer Aniston movie.

  • Lowbrow says:

    I hope the cell phone footage of Omarosa spontaneously combusting will find its way to YouTube.