Big Brother's Ministry of Love


Summer is a time for romance and this season on Big Brother we have watched deep affection develop between Chicago lug Jeff and Southern belle Jordan. Through thick and thin, Head of Household and Power of Veto challenges, the two have been inseparable, displaying a type of innocent love not often seen in heavily contrived network reality shows, and especially not our slightly less contrived society.

Big Brother 11 [8 PM, CBS]

For the BB diehards, you already know that stuff is about to get real at tonight's eviction ceremony. Jeff has the mystery "Coup d'Etat" power and has vowed to pull a game changing move. Will he save both Russell and Lydia and throw up Natalie and Jessie (as the editing implied)? That would be the strongest move, but Jeff had better realize that anything he does could negatively affect his partner-in-crime Jordan.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart [11 PM, Comedy Central]

Guest: Rachel McAdams. Thursday is the last new show of the week for the Daily Show, so it's a great time to schedule film and television guests. The staff does not have to read any books or compile research reports on the guest's field of expertise. Rather, they give Stewart a few topic areas and let his uneasy, winning charm take over.

Bully Beatdown [10 PM, MTV]

If you want an example of how bad television can be, this is an object lesson. Fake surprises, cruel beatings and insignificant conflicts make it very difficult to watch more that five minutes of this show. The prize money is decent ($10,000 is nothing to shake a stick at), but unless you really love revenge and grudges, this might be worse than QVC.


Major League [8 PM, AMC]

Before Charlie Sheen started playing a version of himself on television and in Hanes commercials, he would occasionally subject himself to the rigors of film work. Tom Berenger gets most of the screentime in Major League, but Sheen's quiet comedic performance as a pitcher with control problems should not be overlooked. The baseball action is totally unrealistic, but props to the producers for convincing the Cleveland Indians brass to let them use the actual team name and logos in the film. Nothing takes the viewer out of a sports film like fake leagues. It's almost as bad as a character having a 555-XXXX number.